Windows Media Player 11 - consolidate library function?

Itunes has an option "copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library". It also has a "consolidate library" function that gathers all mp3s up from their various locations on the hard drive and places them into the itunes music library folder.

This is very good!

Does windows media player 11 have an equivalent function? At the moment when I drag and drop a folder containing mp3s onto the WMP library the files get added to the database but stay in their original location.

Is there a way of consolidating WMP library files into a single location?
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I would just do a windows file search for all mp3 then they appear highlight them all and drag them to the folder you want.
xoundboyAuthor Commented:
Yes I thought about this apporach but it's still quite a lot of work to do this. (Not only is the WMP library very large but also there are a lot of MP3s of music that I have produced myself scattered around my hard drive in various project folders that I don't want to include in the WMP library.)

 I was just wondering whether there was an existing function that reads the WMP library database, checks the location of each entry and then moves it to the main folder if it exists outside of the main library directory.
Ok, in light of that I searched around on Google and checked out a few different answers and it seems the concencus is that feature doesn't exist WP11.  Sorry!

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