Groupwise 7 user unable to receive email from single external address

We have a Groupwise 7 user who is unable to receive email from a single external address. All other users in the organisation are able to receive from this address. The address is not blocked by junk mail. Gwava is enabled but we experience the same problem with it disabled. We can see the message coming in on the GWIA without any errors and looks like it is being delivered but it does not reach the client. I have tried a client reset in GWcheck and structural rebuild but no joy. I did notice that the email address in question was in the user's trust list, i have removed and also turned off junk mail handling to no avail.  GW7 sits on Netware 6.5

Any Ideas?
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
For the particular user you've written about, is every external email address not getting through or just one particular @i-domain?  Look at your Access Control tab on the GWIA object properties and verify that the user in question is not being blocked by a Class of Service (SMTP Incoming).  Also turn on verbose logging on both your MTA and POA (more the POA) and see if you can watch messages being delivered to the person in question.  Lastly, check to make sure that the user doesn't have a gateway alias on their account.

Another alternative would be (and I've had to do this a few times) is to archive everything (mailbox, cabinet, calendars, sent items); delete the account; re-create the account; use Novell's FIDeditor to change the user's FID; and then un-archive everything back into their account.

Hope this helps.

Scott Kunau
adm-computingAuthor Commented:
Hi Thanks for the reply. It is only one , I have looked at the access control tab and the user in question is not being blocked, and the user does not have a gateway alias on their account.  I will turn on verbose logging and see what happens.
see if there is another layer of security on that pc which limits access to/from email ids? perhaps the virusguard (if it integrates in to GW)

also try to do a search for mail recieved from the email id in the clients GW

I've had my supervisors pull me up for not reading my emails. Incidentally the message was actually in my mailbox but not visible until I searched for it.

had to finally re-install GW after a complete uninstallation on my pc.

Client Troubleshooting:
a) Look for any rules and disable it
b) Look for quota on the mailbox

SMTP Troubleshooting:
a) Mail a message from the external sender to two destination on the same GW SYSTEM/DOMAIN/POA
    What append ?
b) Gwia receive that message ?
c) Poa receive that message ?
d) Webaccess receive that message ?
e) GroupWise cliente receive that message ?
f) Are both users on the same GWIA level of service ?

Hope this can help you,
Giovanni Coa

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