SBS 2003 antivirus

I just set up SBS 2003 and I already have Norton on my 3 workstations. Can I get antivirus JUST for the server (without having to get the 5 workstation licenses). Is there a Sbs antivirus whcih goes on the server alone? Could someone please explain how the Norton and Trendmicro AV works. If I get Norton AV with 5 licenses does that mean that I drop the Norton subscriptions on each of my desktops?
I just have a small setup and I would like to save money.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi jwk,

Do u have sbs premium.. if yes then Isa should be there which adds enhnced security by placing firewall clients on your xp boxes
however, you symantec client.. you have to purchase seperate licenses ..but symantec do have good package plans that you can check on its website

However, isa firewall client can very well save your money if you have sbs premium
Hiiii .. any update or any other information you require, please let me know
Hope above information helped :)
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