Can Lotus Notes cache emails locally similar to the 'Cached exchange mode' in Microsoft Outlook?

I currently have a remote office connecting to a Lotus Notes server in the main office via VPN tunnel, is there anyway to cache the emails locally similar the the Cached Exchange Mode feature in Microsoft Outlook?
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Bill-HansonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just read the article regarding 'Cached Exchange Mode' on  It sounds exactly like what we call 'local replicas' in Notes.  In fact, Notes has had this feature long before MS did, and we use it extensively in our organization.

A 'local replica' is a copy of the email database stored on your local computer.  You use the local replica just like the server copy.  You can read, compose, and edit email, calendar entries, and tasks online or offline.  If you make changes when offline, the next time you connect to a server, the changes are automatically sent to the server.  So, in a nutshell, replication keeps your local databases in sync with their corresponding databases on the server.

To create a local replica of your mail file:

1) Open your email from a server.
2) From the Notes "File" menu, select "Replication \ New Replica".  The "Create Replica For Database..." screen is displayed.
3) Leave the Server at "Local".
4) You can change the File Path, but make sure that the file is in the Note Data folder or in a sub directory of the Note Data folder. Usually, the default file path is fine.
5) The rest of the settings are optional, but I like to check "Create Immediately" so I don't have to wait for the next scheduled replication.
6) Also, make sure you have scheduled replication enabled in your Location profile so that changes are synchronized automatically.
I don't think Lotus Notes has that functionality, one of the main reasons organizations move to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook.
I'm not familiar with 'Cached exchange mode', but it sounds like a local replica to me.  If the point is to improve performance and have the ability to compose and read email off-line, then simply creating a local replica of the user's email will work.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
PS If you only want to read your mail locally, the replica is absolutely the way to go. If you also want to prepare mails locally, the best way is to create a new Location in your Address Book, specify your local mail database as the mail database you'll use in that location, and select how and when to send the mail. Check out in the Help database what a Location document can do for you!

PS2 Lotus Notes may lack a lot of functionality, but exactly this feature is what is does best!! :-))
DClaydenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information, i will pass it onto our client to try this out sounds exactly what i am after!
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