mail merged rtf or html messages sent from vb 6.0 ap with out security check

I need to be able to send an rtf or html message that is generated incorporating variable data.  I can generate the message without any problem.  It's the sending that's giving me problems.  I'm using simple mapi and it's hitting the security features of Outlook 2007 and apparently can't handle anything but text.

I've found solutions to parts of the problem (Redemption, etc) but I need a co-ordinated solution that solves both problems.
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If you know the email can be sent via an SMTP account which doesn't require SSL (such as Gmail or Yahoo) you could use the vbSendMail library, which uses a winsock, so doesn't need Outlook.
Sorry, that I didn't word that very well... Gmail & Yahoo DO require SSL, but most others, such as ISP provided, don't.
athayesAuthor Commented:
Outlook is loaded on the computer that will be used and neither gmail or Yahoo are not available
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No, you misunderstand--my fault due to badly wording my first post--the SMTP servers provided by Gmail and Yahoo DO require SSL so vbSendMail would be no good for you, if you DID want to use their servers. As you're not using them it will probably work okay for you. I've checked and the class has a flag to send the mail as HTML so it should suit your purposes nicely.

athayesAuthor Commented:
The link you send seems to deal with attachments.  I want to send the rtf or html as the message itself.
athayesAuthor Commented:
I decided to work things the other way around.  I'm going to program my project to generate the needed merge file and work from within Word.
If the message send string (oMail.Message) is formatted with HTML tags and the send as HTML flag (oMail.AsHTML) is set to True, vbSendMail will deliver a HTML email, as you asked for in the opening post.
I think I have given athayes a solution which will do exactly what he asked for in his/her opening post. vbSendMail will send a HTML formatted email without using Outlook's MAPI library. I mentioned the one drawback--that it doesn't support SSL--but that shouldn't be a problem because AFAIK athayes isn't using an SMTP server which requires SSL. I don't think changing one's mind about using the approach in the original question is reasonable grounds for having the question closed.

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athayesAuthor Commented:
If you check the time of the posts in question you will see that I started to close this question before Antagony1960 solution was posted.  If the moderator wants to award points that's fine - I guess.
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