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 I have two main locations with two domain controllers in each site, I have the network printers attached to these DC's, they are acting as the print server. I am having a few issues. I can not find the printers when searching for them, but I can map using a url. Is it bad practice to have the printes on the DC's?  I also wanted to create a OU for devices and have the printes added, is this possible,/ good practice.

Thnanks again in advanc, not sure waht I would do without expert exchange and its members.
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RickHuangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to se up a print server, you should do thess. First, install the printer/printers which you want to be shared on the print server you selected. You can also install different drivers for different OS. Then share the printer/printers with corresponding permission/s. On the client side, you just need to go to  "\\serverIP",  then you will see what printers you can use. Double click the printer you selected, it will install the driver automatically.  And now, you can use your network printer.

To set the DC as print server is not suggested. Usually it will be the service on file server.

There's no need to add printers into AD.
tcmadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info, I found, and I will move them off the DC as I was figuring that was not best practice.

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