External Hard Drive

Hello All,

I have a Seagate external hard drive that has suddenly stopped being recognized. I was switching it between computers yesterday quite often when suddenly the computers wouldn't recognize it anymore. I was not using the safe to remove option either. I have tried multiple computers with no luck. The device manager recognizes it and installs it in every instance but no drive letter is assigned so I can access it. I am assuming maybe the partition is corrupt but I have no idea how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
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If the device manager recognizes it then it is worth an attempt at using disk management to allocate a free drive letter.  If it does show in disk management then you can also perform a disk check, select drive in disk managment then properties tools.

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NickCat11Author Commented:
Disk management does recognize it but says all the space is unallocated and only gives me the option to create a partition which I am assuming will get rid of all my data. Is this my only option? Also, what causes this to happen? Thanks
You don't want to do that if disk management recognises it you should be able to right click on your mouse to get properties. That should allow you to access tools and change the drive letter. Assuming you have suitable permissions
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NickCat11Author Commented:
I am not getting that option. It's not showing a partition on the external drive so it's only giving me the option to format and create one...
try to get your data first; try these :
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then try repairing the disk :http://www.ptdd.com/      
Can you give us info on what O/S are you using, and have you moved it between XP/2003 and VISTA/2008
The other issues is whether you have plugged in any USB memory sticks, sometimes they grab the dirve letter that the disk had and the O/S then messes up.
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