Possible Issue using delprof.exe remotely


We are using delprof to remove old profiles from around 1700 PCs, however I discovered this KB article


So presumably this is like just deleting the profiles from within Docs and settings as its not removing the Windows installer data from the registry?

found a Possible batch file to get around this

My question is what issues could be caused if the Windows installer data is not removed from the registry?
GRiTechIT EngineerAsked:
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I don't know that there would be any issues with not deleting the installer data, but the reason you use the tool is to clean up as much as possible.

One thought; Sysinternals/Microsoft offer a free command line tool, PSExec, that allows you to run any command line utility on the remote machine with the output directed to the local machine. i.e. it effectively runs the utility on the remote machine. It works very well with most commands I have tried, but I must say I have never tried it with delprof. Might be worth a try and see if it works as expected. If it does, you can use a text file with a list of PC's you wish to affect, within the command, rather than having to do one by one or scripting the process.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks GRiTech.
Cheers !
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