group policy preference section not visible?

I want to set the keybaord for some users with groiup policy preference, but i can not see the preference section in my group policy's what should i do?
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readydaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What do you mean by "set keyboard"? Set it to what? --Dave
readydaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
also, have a look here.. you may be able to use a script to accomplish your task...

guyvhAuthor Commented:

i have about 150 users in different country's that are already working throught citrix but now for a certain application i have to adjust the reginal settings and the keyboard. I do not want to logon with their usernames because i will have to do it 150 times, so i am looking for a solution to set the regional settings and keyboard in their windows profile via group pilicy preference or throught another solution

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