Need commands for clustering of app servers thru command prompt
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HonorGodConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
What kind of clustering operations do you need?

Given a Deployment Manager, and an unmanaged node, you can use the "addNode" command
script (i.e., either addNode.bat, or to federate the application server.

From wsadmin, the AdminConfig.convertToCluster() and AdminConfig.createClusterMember() methods are probably what you need.

The documentation (including examples) for which are available from:
hu8myphoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can only convert 1 existing server into a cluster member per cluster.  The follow-on members in that particular clusters are clones of the first member.
Are you creating these clusters and app servers from scract?

If so something along the lines of this will help.  Run these commands in  (depending on you settings you may need to use the -lang jython option)

This creates a cluster called cluster1 and creates 2 ap servers called member1 and member2 across 2 nodes.

AdminTask.createCluster('[-clusterConfig [-clusterName cluster1]]')  

AdminTask.createClusterMember('[-clusterName cluster1 -memberConfig [-memberNode node1 -memberName member1 -memberWeight 2] -firstMember [-templateName default -nodeGroup DefaultNodeGroup -coreGroup DefaultCoreGroup]]')  

AdminTask.createClusterMember('[-clusterName cluster1 -memberConfig [-memberNode node2 -memberName member2 -memberWeight 2]]')  

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