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Is there any other way to do backup rather then tape?


I need to do backup of 400GB~500GB data. Is there any other way to do backup rather then tape? What is it the best backup practice for this amount of data? And, is there any graphical software that manages backup on Linux?

Thanks for any suggestion.
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Hedley PhillipsCommented:
Unfortunately Tape is still the No1 backup media. LTO4 would be ideal for your size of backup.

I do know of a few companies who bought  500Gb USB drives and backup to each one on a daily basis, taking them off site and rotating them.

I tried it once, it was a Western Digital MyBook. Plugged it in, ran a backup and then when I unplugged it and tried it on a machine upstairs it wouldn't work. Tried everything but it was dead. In the end we had to get a replacement unit sent out.

I then had that replacement unit die a few months later.

For our data, we just can't afford to use USB as it is just not solid enough. Heaven help us if we need to restore and the device has failed.

The other option is Hard drives. Backup to another Raid device, but then you can't take the backup offsite.

We really need to have a decent replacement for tape. Bane of my life, a tape, robotic library, SCSI connection and Nackup Software all adds up to trouble in my book!
External USB Drive (500GB easy)

As for software for linux
Amanda: http://amanda.zmanda.com/
BackupPC: http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/

These are more of cheap solutions, then best practices. I would say best practices are how you back up your data.

Daily Incremental, Weekly Full.
Malli BoppeCommented:
NAS would be other option.

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