Trojan Horse virus when downloading Adobe Flash from Adobe website

Hello Experts!

I am using free version of AVG anti-virus software.  I visited the Adobe website to download the latest version of Flash.  Upon doing this it indicated there was a virus:

Trojanhorse: PSW.Generic6.AQPD  in the Window/System32/ directory.

Any idea if this is a legit virus and how I could get it from a legitimate site like Adobe?

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Kieran_BurnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Those generic ones are a REALLY misleading as they are simple autorun wrappers for the blasted install app you WANT to install!
autorun.inf is reguarly blocked by McAfee as GenericDX! trojan
So it ISN'T a virus, it's the install wrapper for flash.
originalbiffmalibuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Kieran is most likely correct.  Many virus programs identify legitimate packagers and installers as "potential" malware just to warn you.  The only way this would be a virus was if the browser settings got messed up and any website-initiated installer prompted a virus package to run in its place.  Very rare.  You may want to download:

Combofix (
Smitfraudfix (search google)
superantispyware (
spybot search and destroy (
antivir  (

Please install/run Combofix first.  When that has completed and while still in safe mode, install spybot S&D and update it.  Also run Smitfraudfix while in safe mode.  Smitfraud also offers a DNS hijack fix on its menu, run that as well.  Install anti-vir and superantispyware.  Update and run these as well.  After that, you will definitely be clean.  You do not NEED to install Anti-vir but it will validate or invalidate AVG's claim.
Another False Positive that is being reported everywhere.

Either add to the exclusion list (AVG > Tools > Advanced Settings > Resident Shield > Exceptions > Add Path) or do nothing until a new update corrects the problem.

The false positive on vdb update 270.9.3/1787 corrected by 270.9.3/1788 was confirmed by the AVG Team []. Check that your Macromedia Flash Player 10 is now functioning OK.

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