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public folder access rights 2 different domans, forest trust between 2 domains

here is the problem i have two w2003 servers
1is PDC domain xxx+ exchange server 2003 for that domain
1 is PDC domain yyy -application and file server
there is a forest level trust beween the 2 domains
mailboxes are on xxx and user access rights are given to the yyy user so they don't have to login using different domain. works like a charm.  
Public folders are the problem, if i need to give access rights to certain users in the yyy domain i cannot.
if the yyy user creates the public folder via outlook it works, for 1 user the yyy domain rights are granted. but i cannot add user rights from the yyy domain for multiple users.
The folders must not be visable to all users so i cannot the default setting, the permission must be given to only a few users.  
Tried adding the yyy users in a new security groupe in AD of domain xxx. still cannot give the access rights.
I looked  and i cannot seem to find kb article that clearly states this situation.  Any ideas or suggestions please
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You're muddying the waters here a bit..

Are the users in different domains (as in the same forest), or are they in two different FORESTS??

If two different forests, then I'm surprised you were able to get anything working at all since a single Exchange organization cannot span multiple domains.  The configuration container needs to remain uniform for Exchange to function properly (the CC is shared by all domains in a single forest)..

ham298Author Commented:
thank you for your time
here is a clearer explanation i think: 2 different domains in 2 seperate forests.  There is a 2 way forest trust between the 2 domains and forests.  The Exchange organisation is not spanning multiple domains.  Its 2 seperate entities  that use the same exchange server for mail services. The users from the first domain the one hosting the exchange server  do not use the resources in the second  domain.
but the users from the second domain only use the mail services from the first domain. Mailboxes etc...
it is possible to add mailbox access right across domains if there is a trust beween them.  the users from the second domain have accounts in the AD of the first domain.  it lets them logon to the second domain and use the mailbox stored on the first domain(without login on with the account from the first domain). still stuck with the public folder access rights but i think i will set up exchange in the other domain and replicate the public folders and add access rights from there.
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