Unable to connect to share from only some clients

Some of my clients (doesn't matter who is logged in) are no longer able to connect to a file share while others on same switch are having no problems.  I can ping the server, I can connect to it using its IP address but I can not connect to it using it name such as \\server\share (thus the mapped drips that map at log in via script - are not connected).  I rebooted the client machine.  I tried connecting as a differnt user.  I am guessing it is a DNS error (we don't use netbios).   Server with share is a Server 2008 x64 ent.  Client is Windows XP sp3.
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Make sure on the XP clients you go into the TCP\IP properties then go to the WINS tab in the Advance settings make sure NetBois over TCP\IP is enabled. To the same for the server. Make sure all DNS settings in the TCP\IP properties for the clients only point to internal DNS servers. The server should onl point to internal DNS servers. If you have two NICs in the servers then you should disbale on if not used.
4mrhodesAuthor Commented:
I disabled the second NIC - everything else was already as suggested.  Some additional information.
1.  I did some upgrades on our firewall lastnight - should be the reason but the timming is suspicious.
2.  If I do an nslookup for our server I get the proper ip address
3. When I ping the server by name I get a different ip address.  Not sure where this other ip address is comming for there is only one enabled nic and it only has one ip address assigned to it.  My initial guess is that this other ip address is part of the RRAS pool of addresses since this server does have the RRAS role.

the above is consistent on machine that will connect to the file share via \\server\share and those machines that won't.

Any thoughts?

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Darius GhassemCommented:
If you look in DNS and sort by name check to see if the record is correct. If it't not then delete and run ipconfig /registerdns.
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