sorting rules PIX Version 6.3(3)

i am using Cisco PIX Version 6.3(3) firewall.  i would like to block internet access by ip. the problem is when i add the rule it falls under the rule access-list acl_out permit tcp any any eq www.  it does proccess them in order right? here is the rule i am using: access-list acl_out deny ip any.  problem is it is about 30 lines down passed the permit any rule.  is there a way to move it up or have a higher priority?  thanks for any help.
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First, you need to get off 6.3(3) and use at least 6.3(5), If you have a 515 or above you should be using 8.0(4).

As far as ACl placement, if you add a rule after a ACL exists it will add it to the end of the ACL. You need to cut and paste to a notepad and add it where it belongs.

hope this helps

harbor235 ;}

not sure if its avaiable on PDM (as im u sing asdm), try using the GUI anyway, find the access list and simply find the up arrow button to move it up.

It's very simple on ASA, just thought it would be similar with pdm..
wavetechAuthor Commented:
hey harbor235,
 when you say cut do you mean, put the NO command in front of every access list and remove them.  then put the access list in the order i want then paste it back into pix.  and will that have any effect on the servers that are using the access lists.  i know it shouldnt take but less than a minute to do.  thanks for the help.
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That's correct,

1) first save your current access list and your configuration
2) copy and paste your ACL into notepad
3) make appropriate changes as required
4) remove old access list from config by issuing a "no access-list outside ........."
5) add new ACL back in "access-list outside permit ........."
6) Reassign ACL to interface "access-group outside in interface outside"
7) complete
8) do not save config until normal operations are verified, if it's not correct a reboot will get your old config back

harbor235 ;}
wavetechAuthor Commented:
on # 6) reassign ACL to interface. what command would i need and i do that seperatley after readding the new ACL. This is the acl i am using : 'access-list acl_out permit'. sorry fairly new to cisco and pix. thanks again
make sure you know what you're doing when removing acls.
you must at least a console access to the pix.

those acls on the pix are mostly being used for all vpn traffic.

use asdm in this case, it's the simplest safest way to do it

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The key here is to backup your config, that way no matter what happens you can get back to where you are now.

Identify the outside interface (normally most name it outside) it is the interface that connects you externally. In my example it the interface is named outside there there is a matching command that binds the ACL to the interface, that command is;

     "access-group acl_out in interface outside"
                                |         |                    |
                         ACL name  |               interface name    
                            direction to apply ACL

harbor235 ;}

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