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Hi Everyone,

One of my users has been having problems with verifying their exchange email on their BB Curve.  I've tried validating it for them several times to no avail and also did both soft and hard resets along the way.  The users exchange account name is ""  they are also set up to receive mail at ""  I can validate perfectly to "jsmith" but it will not work for "john", which is what they want to receive.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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AdamRobinsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's why.  You can't validate to John because John is not a user.  

If jsmith receives the mails as an alias (for John) then the mails will go into jdavis.

You can't set it up to validate to a non-existent AD account.
Is "John" an actual account, or is it just an alias for jsmith?

blinkme323Author Commented:
It's not an actual account, but I have jsmith set up in the AD to receive email to both jsmith@... and john@...

The actual user account / logon is jsmith though.
blinkme323Author Commented:
That's what I thought, thanks.  

So if I change the user account to "John" instead of "jsmith" that should alleviate the problem right?
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