Creating and using a user-defined hash table in a Bash script


Can anyone explain to me how to create (or simulate) a hash table in a Bash script in Linux?  I know that Bash uses some internal hash tables to store commands, but I need to create my own.


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Why do you "need" to create your own?

Do you have a specific problem you are trying to solve?
doug5516Author Commented:
Hi, I need to create my own because as far as I know Bash does not have a hash data structure type (nor many other types that would be useful).  I need to be able to store and recall data using nonnumerical keys, therefore the need of a hash table.  I ended up using associative arrays, which while not the besh solution, worked for what I was trying to accomplish.
Associate arrays are just another name for a hash.

Again, without knowing what you really are trying to achieve, it is difficult to give you guidance.

If you really do need a hash, you are much better off using awk or Perl.
doug5516Author Commented:
I do not think that I would agree with you that associate arrays are just another name for a hash.  I would agree that associate arrays are one particular implementation of a hash (and not the best one) just as using a hash function, an array, and some collision policy would be another.  If you are trying to tell me that there is no good way to implement a hash table in bash and that I should consider using another language then your point is well taken.
Joshaven PotterConsultantCommented:
This isn't at all a hash but it almost acts like one... does this help:
typeset hash_${key}=$val
typeset hash_${key}=$val
### Tests ###
echo $hash_first
# produces => 3
echo "$(eval echo \$hash_${key})"
# produces => 3
echo $hash_second
# produces => sam

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