Outlook 2007 taking a long time to connect to SBS 2003 Exchange Server

Three years ago I installed and setup a new SBS 2003 R2 server replacing an SBS 2000 one which I'd installed in 2001.

The 10 PCs that connect to it were all fine, taking them off the old domain and using http://servername/connectcomputer to reconnect them. During the last three years all the PCs have been replaced, but one is running very slowly. This is a P4 3.2 clone, which I increased ftom 512Mb of PC3200 DDR to 1.5Gb today. It is running faster with the extra memory, but still noticably slow in Outlook 2007.

This is the only PC with Office 2007 (Pro version) and using Outlook 2007. All the others have the SBS Outlook 2003 with Office Pro 2000. It appears to take a long time to connect to Exchange server. The other progs seem ok, although slightly slower than I'd expect - could be my imagination!

The user who put on his laptop copy of Office 2007 (believe this is legal for a retail copy), had already installed the KB 950282 Microsoft patch.

Any ideas please.


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The very first thing I'd check is to make sure there are no add-ins on Outlook 2007.  I've run into many cases where people describe what you're describing, and usually it's an add-in that's causing it to slow on load.  

mikeabc27Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick response Adam. I've not used Outlook 2007 much myself, so before I remotely kick him off his PC, is it Tools > Manage Add-Ins like IE7, and should I disable ALL add-ins?
Tools -> Trust Center -> Add-ins.

I would disable all but obviously essential ones just to see if they're the issue.

BTW, if it doesn't notify you, you'll need to restart Outlook before some of the add-in changes will be effective.
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mikeabc27Author Commented:
Found loads of add-ins in Outlook 2007 and they are all deactivated. Initially very fast in Outlook, but whenever, the PC is rebooted it takes a long time to go through to Windows and Outlook takes ages to load. Once in cache, and we close and reopen Outlook it's very fast, but still concerned as to why it takes so long on start up.
We're running Symantec Multitier Antivirus for SBS 2003 and we've tried disabling that on the PC, but still slow.
mikeabc27Author Commented:
"BTW, if it doesn't notify you, you'll need to restart Outlook before some of the add-in changes will be effective."
Thanks, we found we had to restart Outlook twice before they were disabled.

There's a lot of reasons why Outlook will go slowly, especially if you have a very large mailbox, especially large task list, or a heck of a lot of items on a calendar.  

To be honest, if it's only a problem on the first load of the day (and not a recurring problem through all of Outlook usage), I'd set up a scheduled task to load Outlook before the user gets in and get it out of the way.
mikeabc27Author Commented:
Not huge, mailbox is 197Mb, calendar sparse and about 37 tasks.
Outlook is normally in Startup programs, although I took it out temporarily, I'll put back in.

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