Error message "invalid on disk structure"

Hi experts,
I've been copying all my notes databases from one computer to another. However on the new one, when I try to open some databases, I get the error message "Lotus Notes: This database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure". Other databases do open normally, although some give error messages on closing them. They all work fine on the computer I've just copied them from. I copied them via a USB memory stick.
Can you tell me what's likely to be the problem?
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
What you probably did: you copied the databases from your system to the USB-stick while Notes was still running. Databases are likely to be "incomplete", there are still chunks of the database in memory that require to be written to disk.

Two easy solutions:
1) stop Notes and then copy the databases to the USB-stick
2) the politically correct way: while Notes is still running, create a replica of your database on the USB-stick.
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
I've also now found it says on exiting Notes "Unable to save the Desktop - Thisdatabase cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure"
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
That seems to have fixed it - many thanks. I was torn between suspecting my new hard drive, or having somehow corrupted my databases....
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
A1 as usual, many thanks. I've not been working on my Notes databases for a while, but am about to start again soon on some new developments, so perhaps we'll speak again (I'm sure to have problems). Notes is great for my technical databases, just a pity we can't make stand-alone versions like you can say in VB. S
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