Transition from a solid color to a graphic

I have a graphic I need to make.  It's a rectangle that begins as a solid color (burgundy) and gradually transforms into a hardwood floor image.  Is this possible with Photoshop?

You're tlaking to a dummy when it comes to Photoshop, so if you could possibly help me, please realize my level.
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MMDeveloperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Follow these screenshots, Let me know where you get lost on these
I'd just place the photo of the wood floor on the stage, and then draw a rectangle shape, completely covering the wood graphic, on a new layer above the graphic. I would then set the FILL opacity to 0 so it's transparent.

I would then go to the blending options for the rectangle shape and apply a gradient overlay. Select any 2-color gradient and then click on the gradient itself so you can edit the colors.

From here, click on one color and find your burgandy, set the other color to the same burgandy. Now in that same window, change the opacity of one of the colors to 0% (so the first color fades to transparent). From here it's just rotating the gradient and moving the shape on the stage until it's where you want it.
sedberg1Author Commented:
told you - dummy with photoshop - i got as far as the fill to 0%.  how do I find the blending options for this layer?  And how would you apply a gradient overlay?  And how do you cilck on the gradient itsefl?
sedberg1Author Commented:
Thank you - screenshots were very helpful
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