windows xp all users who log on share same profile

I have a lab of 20 Windows XP machines.  They are older Dells, and are pretty slow.  100's of students log onto the computers, and it takes a long time to create each user profile.  How would I set up the computer so only one profile is loaded no matter who logs on?
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AmazingTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:

MACHINE: Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles
"Only allow local user profiles"
"Prevent Roaming Profile changes from propagating to the server"

Setup a share$ on the server (give students read-only on the folder and propogate to child), copy a profile across as a template and then make it a mandatory profile. You can use folder redirection for their My Documents and other folders for favourites etc.
You will need to open the mandatory roaming profile ( from time to time when new apps are installed to allow certain apps settings to propogate to the profile and then shut it down again renaming from ntuser.dat to .man
In the users profilke in AD, set the prifile path there. You should be able to specify mass profile settings
Let me know if you need any more help. I have this setup.
wolf2008Author Commented:
Can you set it up on the local machine some how?  It's only the slower computers in this one lab.  I am creating a new image, so if I could set it up there, it would be more helpful.
oh ok. Sorry, no idea! Will ahve a think
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