ACCESS SQL join on data type int to text

Hello All:
In teh sql below, the data type for b.branch is text and the data type for is number. I tried to run the statement below and I get data type mismatch. I am sure the "and Clng(b.branch) =" portion is the trouble: when I remove it the statement runs.

select f.fa,,f.empid,, b.description,f.revenue
from [Fiscal 2008] f, [Product Code Table Sept 2008] p, [September 2008 Branch Hierarchy] b
where  f.[product code] = p.[prod code]
and Clng(b.branch) =
and f.empid <> ""
and f.empid not in ("99999","99970")
and p.[lvl 2] in (1,4,2)

Any suggestions?
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rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cant see why that fails. Have you tried using VAL?

and val(b.branch) =

what type of number is office defined as. Maybe need to use another number conversion func.
Nathan RileyFounderCommented:
Change your select to:

select f.fa,,f.empid, cast( as varchar), b.description,f.revenue

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StacyDAuthor Commented:
I'm going to try both as soon as my database finishes compacting.
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Nathan RileyFounderCommented:
any luck?
StacyDAuthor Commented:
neither one worked - I ended up changing the data type.
StacyDAuthor Commented:
It pointed me to use clng and cstr.
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