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Hi all,

I am working on a new magazine for my subscribers that is focused around memory, personal development and maths improvement.

I have put together some questions in order for me to get a better understanding about my subscribers demographics, and have created some 20 questions which I hope give me a good indication as to what my subscribers are interseted in, along with some additional information. In all, the information I obtain will enable me to offer some statistics to my potential advertisers to my magazine.

I would be very interested to know what your thoughts are on these questions, and as to whether they would be better off changing or adding some extra questions to the mix.

If you have some further questions you feel may help better server my potential advertisers then let me know.

The link to the survey:

Thanks in advance,

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lazydaisy216Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are my critiques, not sure how others will feel but I'm sure they will let you know. :)

1. Maybe repharse to: "Please Select Age Range"

2. Maybe change to "Please Select Gender:"

5. The example is just too much information.

6. I would rephrase to something like, "Are you an internet user?" Or even ask, "how many hours do you spend on the internet?" Basically, you don't want to use words like "proficient" as those are leading words. Imagine you are taking this survey, you don't want to say, "no i am no proficient" even if you really are not. You don't want to lead a person into choosing one of the options because of how your phrase a question.

7. What do you prefer? (check box) Read Articles online (check box) Read print out/hard copy of articles

8. Interesting question....maybe have an "other" category with a box they can fill in.

9. I would go in order of greatest memory to least greatest...and I am not sure what the difference is between difficult and weak. Maybe it's my own personal confusion :) You could even do a scale of how good your memory is, on a scale form 1-10 (make sure to indicate which is greatest.

14. Maybe have a "check all that apply"
Your spouse
Your children
Not at all

Overall, the questions are kind of in a random order. I'd start your survey with the basic background questions --> age, sex, household, # of kids, kids age range, first language, education level, marital status, location, income. Then I would make sure you go in some sort of flow, like start with all the yes/no's, then the radio buttons, then the select all that apply ones, and lastly ones that you have to fill criteria in for. Then get into those questions that pertain to memory and internet usage.

Surveys, in my opinion and what I have learned, are all about creating a flow. This is how I might suggest you organize the survey.


I would just try to create some sort of flow where the survey taker goes through a process that makes sense. Above is just what I suggested - but I'd try to almost tell a story with your survey.

If you need more feedback or explanations of things, feel free to ask. I hope this helps you! :o)
What Is Your Sex?

No!  You want to know gender, unless you really want to know about "sex."

"What is your gender?"

oconnork00Author Commented:
Thanks LazyDaisy216 for the thorugh answer.
I like the idea of the story - makes it more fluid I guess.
I'm glad that helped...let me know if you need any more follow up on things!
oconnork00Author Commented:
Thanks for the help... Am rethinking the question structure now, as well as the "story" aspect - makes sense.
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