The new Dell E6400 gives some troubles while trying to OSD it. It PXE boots but then reboots itself before getting to the task sequence.

I am having trouble trying to get the winpe boot.wim file to load an appropriate NIC driver for for the Dell Latitude E6400.  I can PXE boot and it connects to our SCCM server however however it just reboots itself because it cannot load a NIC driver.  I have tried to import just about every driver into our boot.wim packages but nothing works.  Can you help, please?
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BedouinDNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The driver that Dell ships with this model does not ork with Windows PE2 (I assume that is what you are using).
Download the Vista driver from the intel Website here:*&lang=eng&strOSs=163&submit=Go%21
install it into your boot.wim using PEImg and that should solve your problem - worked for me :-)
Zen_InternetAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response, I resolved this by the exact same method a few days ago, sorry I didn't update this question.
LIM CollegeIT DepartmentCommented:
@ BedouinDN: how do I accomplish this "install it into your boot.wim using PEImg and that should solve your problem" I am having the same issue I have a posting here >>
This seems to be a bug in SCCM and microsoft has released a fix. read this blog:
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