Scheduling a task with the AT command

Is it possible to use the a AT command to schedule a task that will run daily and be visible to any user that is logged in?  The task also has to run if there is no user logged in.  
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run it under the system account...if you're using xp, you can use schtasks.

Example, to run internet explorer every day at noon:

schtasks /create /ru system /sc daily /st 12:00:00 /tn IE /tr "iexplore.exe"
Of course, IE wouldn't be visible by other users in that context - what sort of task are you looking at exposing to all users?
bosn1Author Commented:
I have to shutdown our desktops at night.  I have to provide the users with a 30 minute warning and an option to cancel.  I have everything built but cannot figure out how to schedule it to run under any user condition.
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You could do something like

net send %computername% Computer shutting down in 30 minutes...

scheduled for 7:30, for example
and then have the shutdown command launch at 7:59 with a 60 second timer...I think shutdown is limited to 60 seconds max...

If you need it all in one batch file:
@echo off
net send %computername% Computer shutdown in 30 minutes.
ping -n 1740
shutdown -s -t 60

Open in new window

If you're workstations are Windows XP perhaps tsshutdn will be your answer.

tsshutdn /?
Shut down a server in a controlled manner.

TSSHUTDN [wait_time] [/SERVER:servername] [/REBOOT] [/POWERDOWN]
         [/DELAY:logoffdelay] [/V]

  wait_time           Seconds to wait after user notification before
                      terminating all user sessions (default is 60).
  /SERVER:servername  The server to shut down (default is current).
  /REBOOT             Reboot the server after user sessions are terminated.
  /POWERDOWN          The server will prepare for powering off.
  /DELAY:logoffdelay  Seconds to wait after logging off all connected
                      sessions (default is 30).
  /V                  Display information about actions being performed.

at \\REMOTECOMPUTERNAME 1:00 /interactive tsshutdn 1800 /powerdown

2 boxes will appear. 1 DOS BOX which users can press Ctrl-C to cancel and a SYSTEM SHUTDOWN notification.

bosn1Author Commented:
I have a package built that provides the user with a 30 minute warning and the option to cancel the shutdown.  The warning has a countdown timer that shows  the user how time they have left and a cancel button.  If the user doesn't hit cancel the shuts down.  The package also logs the date/time, computer and user name.  If the user hit cancels the package adds "Shutdown canceled by (user name)" to the log file.  

I am stuggling with how to add the process as a scheduled task that will run under any user condition and be visible to any user that is logged in.
The /interactive switch shows your GUI to the User.


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I use this with my packaged reboot timer. Works great.

Although I also added to my reboot timer if user is not logged in to reboot now instead of waiting the desired timeout.
My package resides on the server so if I needed to change it a can without having to revisit the workstations again.
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