Is there a way in Exchange to delete a particular e-mail from all user inboxes at once?

Is there a way with Exchange 2003 to delete a particular e-mail from all user inboxes at once?  A couple of days ago a mass e-mail was sent out with a virus attached and our Symantec Antivirus didn't catch it right away and it was delivered to 150 different users.  Exchange's Message Tracking Center confirms this, but there is no way to delete all the message from there, and I haven't found any recipient policy methods to remove a specific e-mail.  We've since blocked the sender via our Exchange filter, but I'd like to be able to remove all instances of the message from our users' inboxes.  Thanks ahead of time!
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There is a method you can follow, which involves using the Exmerge tool to archive messages from every mailbox when the Subject line matches a value you specify. The Exmerge tool was never designed to do this (it has a very different use), but it does the job just nicely.

The procedure is well-documented; I suggest you take a look at to guide you through the procedure. You can download the Exmerge tool from - the Exmerge EXE file needs to be placed in the C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin directory and run from there.

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