Windows XP Pro restarts when idle for 5 minutes

We have a Windows XP Professional SP3 Computer that will consistantly restart every 5 minutes when left idle (no mouse movement). If the user continues to work and move the mouse Windows will continue to run. As soon as the mouse activity stops for 5 minutes (give or take 30 seconds) you can hear hard drive disk activity, the hard drive activity light flashes, and Windows will restart. After logging back in you will get the standard "Windows has recovered from a Serious Error" message and all works fine until you leave XP idle for 5 minutes.

This situation does not occur in SAFE MODE. If in SAFE MODE Windows will not restart when left idle.

In an attempt to fix the situation I have done the following without success in fixing this problem:
Removed Windows XP Service Pack 3
Ran Scandisk (it ran on reboot)
Ran Defrag
Scanned for Virus's using NOD32 and Norton Corp Edition - zero infections detected.
Scanned for Spyware using Spybot 16 and SDFix - zero infections detected
Turned off power options - screensaver, hybernation, standby, etc. Setup power scheme to "always on"
Turned of Hyperthreading in Bios ( I don't see an option to disable EIST in the bios)

Any advice would be appreciated
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If you were to check the Event VIewer for the computer, is there any information on the error you can post?
jbarettaAuthor Commented:
Thank for repying darkstar245,
Yes there is...I'm not at the computer now but the last event before the "serious error" event (after restarting) has to do with  Intel Speedstep. I can post exactly this afternoon when at the PC.
This event regarding the EIST (Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology ??) is why I turned of hyperthreading and changed the power scheme to "always on". Again, this restart problem does not occur in SAFE MODE.
There is a firmware update (1 version) for my particular motherboard but I'm assuming this is not the problem since the restart problem is not present in SAFE MODE (?).

Safe mode will not affect speedstep nor any other driver that causes Windows' "serious error".  You would do well to enable hyper-threading and any other enhancements in BIOS and upgrade the BIOS before continuing.  If it happens after that, uninstall speedstep from the system.  what is happening is that 5 minutes is where your power management is set to suspend or hibernate and it is failing.  You may also try all windows updates, upgrades to the speedstep application as well if you do not want to get rid of it.
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Also, are there any minidump files in C:\WINDOWS\minidump. Maybe you can send them to us and someone can look at them for you.
jbarettaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for repying orangutang,
I will check c:\windows\minidump and send you what I find when I get back to the PC in an hour or so.
Thank you,
jbarettaAuthor Commented:
Attached info:
minidump file
event log event just after restart

Thank you.
It seems to be coming from XGIEsc.sys. I did some research and I didn't really find anything but try backing up your registry and delete:
If it doesn't work and your computer gets messed up, boot into safe mode and restore.

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jbarettaAuthor Commented:
Thank you orangutang,
You are 110% correct.......I uninstalled and reinstalled the video card driver and all is fine now.
Sorry for my late post.....I appreciate your time and expertise on my problem.
Thank you!!!
John B
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