Fujitsu Lifebook Keyboard Problem -- Keys No Longer Work

Keys on my Fujitsu Lifebook have stopped working:   t s ,  7  ] /  ?

I noticed  that another user --  jedistar  -- had a similar problem.

I did not spill anything on the keyboard and it had been working fine up until this point.  

Is there anyway to troubleshoot without sending it in for service?  
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Steve AgnewSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
I don't think so, you could try connecting an external keyboard and see if you have the same problem, if you do then its probably not the keyboard but you would still need service.. if you plug in an external keyboard and it works fine at least you know more than you did?

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kmshyAuthor Commented:
true - thats what i was afraid of.  i guess i'll be picking up an external keyboard tomorrow - hopefully that will work.  thanks!
Keyboard Replacement is very simple and can be done in house if that is what happens.
Have the manufacturer send you a new keyboard (usually $15 - 30 if not under warranty anymore).
Typically the piece above the keyboard pops off, there will be 2 - 4 screws for the keyboard and a ribbon cable. Usually takes less than 5 minutes to replace a keyboard.
Hope this helps!
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kmshyAuthor Commented:

the keyboard is made up of individual keys that pop off.  would that make a difference?
The keys pop off, but they are just plastic pieces we press that hits a sensor. It is likely the sensor that is damaged.
Are the keys just popping off? Or does it just not respond when you hit those keys?
The keys can be put back in if they are coming off, position the key where it belongs and gently but with some force push it untill it clicks.
If it does not respond to typing you can either get an external (USB) Keyboard or replace the one that is embedded.
kmshyAuthor Commented:
I believe it's most likely the sensors.  Keys are intact but I did try removing them to directly press the plastic pieces below -- no luck.  I will purchase an external keyboard tomorrow and give that a try until I can replace the embedded.  :)
Steve AgnewSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
keyboards are very cheap.. you might want to make sure you get a USB one though as you might not have an older ps/2 type connector on your laptop but almost certainly will have USB
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