Print Server Printers Unexpectedly Become Unavailable/Unreachable

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I have a Windows 2003 Server print server setup to handle all our network printers/copiers.  In the last few months I've had two printers unexpectedly become unreachable to end users.  I was able to print test pages from the print server, but workstations could not access this printer.  I re-installed the print driver and that seemed to fix one of the printers.  If I recreated the printer/share, they would work as well.  Unfortunately I still don't know why this would occur.  I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestion on how this might have occurred and ways to avoid it down the line.

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we have about 250 network printers running on a 2k3 print server...this happens to us from time to time on random printers. We've come to the conclusion that it is just a corrupt print queue causing the problem...whether it be a network hicup or what...just seems to be one of those famous M$ anomalies.

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