AutoCad 2009 will not display imported images over 300dpi

Having a problem with AutoCad 2009. We scan blueprints and insert them into autocad then do the drawings over the blueprints (i dont use AutoCad so this might be standard.) One user is having a problem viewing the scanned blueprints within AutoCad ONLY if they were scanned @ 400dpi or more. 300dpi or less scanned images work perfectly. Other users can view the 400dpi+ images in AutoCad 2009 with no problems. AutoDesk support was no help - they stated the video card could not handle the images, which is why it was not showing. The images can be viewed outside of AutoCad with no problem, and with the machine using a Nvidia Quadro FX 5500 i refuse to believe the video card is the problem; especially since everyone else that uses AutoCad has this same video card and do not have a problem. I went through every setting i could think of, and could not find anything.
Thanks in advance.

Attached is a screen shot of what AutoCad looks like when a project is opened with a scanned image of 400dpi+. The sample blueprint represents one of the nine outlined boxes in the screenshot of AutoCad. The fact that there are 9 different images within this particular AutoCad file has no effect on the problem. Files with only 1 image are doing the same thing, as long as they are scanned in @ 400dpi or higher.
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Can you ZIP up the DWG & Image files and post them?  If you'd prefer not to post them, Emial them to me at <> if you are able to let them out of your firm. They won't be used outside of me and I won't redistribute them.

Otherwise, I'll poke around Monday when I get back home...I'm on the road right now.
mhdcommunicationsAuthor Commented:
I will e-mail  you on Monday. The user that has the authority to give me permission is out until then.
You could also just swap the cards to see if it the problem moves. Keep in mind AutoCAD is sitting between handling the raster graphics to the video. There could be issues AutoCAD is causing. Have you also looked at any of the 3dconfig settings?

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mhdcommunicationsAuthor Commented:
Switched the graphics card from a working machine to the non-working, and it fixed the issue. Curiously enough, the graphics card from the 'broken' machine works fine on the 'working' computer as well. Moving the video cards back only re-creates the issue. Seem's like the 'broken' PC simply does not like that graphics card.
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