Manual feed on HP 2420 does not work as required

I would like to automatically print on an envelope when loaded in the manual tray.

At the moment we are printing the letters from tray 2, then when complete, loading an envelope into manual feed and clicking print. (This is from an Access program which has one button for envelope and one for the letter, which automatical fills the box's in)

This does not pick up the paper on the manual tray as the dominant tray when loaded, which is what we are wanting to acheive.

The idea is to be able to print from these buttons  in Access with no other intervention other than loading the envelope after the letter print.

Anyone have any ideas?
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These days most printers do not have a proper "manual feed"; they have a "bypass tray" instead. The bypass tray is treated like a normal tray but it is more versatile in that you can use it for envelopes etc. On the 2420 it is called "tray 1"

With many printers you can tell the bypass tray to behave like a manual feed, i.e. use it as a priority tray. Have a look through the printer's front panel menu to see if there is a way to set it. However, as you're printing via the driver, driver settings will almost certainly override that. In that case, set it to manual feed from Page Setup
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