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We have Symantec version and per Symantec they do not have the capability to scan USB drives as soon as they are connected to the PC or server. The scan has to be initiated manually.  Ver. 11 claims to have this capability but we have not been certified to use it as of this post.  Here is what I am looking for.  I am looking for a script or process that will either implement via Group Policy or as a startup file that I can attach to a Group Policy.  I want to be able to insert a UBS mass storage device and upon connection have the antivirus software kick off a full scan to that device right then.
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acmpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think this is going to be at all easy (braces for next post showing how easy it is)

I do a fair bit of Kix scripting and it's a common thing, wanting to do something when a usb device is connected.  To date I've not seen a good working solution.

If you have access to the USB key's you could add an auto run that initiates the scan, but I doubt you have access to every key to set this up and it cauld cause problems when used on PC's outside your controle that don't have your AV installed.

Else I suspect you will need to rely on the AV scanning as needed, so whenever a file is read or written to the disk.

Have a look at these, hopefully they may inspire you.
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