Looping logic error

I have to asp pages each containing a form . First is a pre-registration form which would input the leader or the main person contact person , and second a registration form which would input the information such as name adresss and so forth of the rest of the team members. The code works 90 % ok, but i am having troubles with the following.

Email is not sent to no one .
TIID which is the column that holds the team id is incremented one more time of what is supposed to..\ ( I am getting Team Id  one ok second ok, ... and a extra column with blank values other than regdate , regtime which i get from function no input.

I suspect this has to do with my counter and the loop i Have , it use to work fine with a single page registration but now is having bugs,, if anyone can notice whats my error on the logic on this implemenation and how can i fix it, I apreciate.
If (Request.Form("Submit")<>"") Then
		session("r_mcount") = Request.Form("memcounter")
		session("r_tourname") = Request.Form("tourname")
		session("r_teamname") = Request.Form("txtteamname")
		session("r_txtcourseid") = Request.Form("txtcourseid")
		'session("r_txttourid")= TID
		'do we need an user name also here ?
		mcount2 = session("s_memcounter")
		For p=1 to mcount2 
					session("r_txtfname"&p) = Request.Form("txtfname"&p)
					session("r_txtlname"&p) = Request.Form("txtlname"&p)
					session("r_txtemailid"&p) = Request.Form("txtemailid"&p)
					response.write "tname :" & session("r_txtfname"&p)
					' Retrieve from session variable ???
					TID= session("s_TID")
					' Retrieve local vars 
conSQL.execute("Insert into Players(teamname,firstname,lastname,addy1,addy2,city,state,Zip,phone,email,regdate,regtime,TourID,Shirtsize,Handicap,courseID,TIID,golfball,golfclub) values('"&teamname&"','"&txtfname&"','"&txtlname&"','"&txtaddr1&"','"&txtaddr2&"','"&txtcity&"','"&txtstate&"','"&txtpcode&"','"&txtcontactno&"','"&txtemailid&"','"&regdate&"','"&regtime&"','"&TID&"','"&txtshirtsize&"','"&txthandicap&"','"&txthomecourse&"','"&TIID&"','"&txtball&"','"&txtclub&"')")
					If Err.Number <> 0 Then
		Response.Write "Error: " & Err.Description
			Response.Write "Unable to Store your Information "
		end if
					Set rsNewListMember=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
					strSQL = "SELECT tblMailingList.* FROM tblMailingList;"
					rsNewListMember.Open strSQL, con3SQL
					Randomize Timer
						dim strEmailAdress
			        strUserCode = Left(strEmailAddress,2) & (9876989856 * CInt((RND * 32000) + 100))
					Do While NOT rsNewListMember.EOF
				        If strUserCode = rsNewListMember("ID_Code") Then
					        Randomize Timer
					        strUserCode = Left(strEmailAddress,2) & (9876989856 * CInt((RND * 32000) + 100))
				        End If
                        If strEmailAddress = txtemailid Then
                              blnError = True
                              Exit Do
                        End If
			        If strEmailAddress = txtemailid Then
				        blnError = True
				        'Exit Do
			        End If
set rsTournamentinf = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
sql = "Select * From tblTournament WHERE TourID  = '" & session("s_TID") & "'" 
rsTournamentinf.Open sql,conSQL    
          ' variable used for the email    
location = rsTournamentinf("TourLocation")
dayoftour =  rsTournamentinf("TourStartDate")
contactp = 	rsTournamentinf("ContactPersonName")	
contactphone = rsTournamentinf("ContactPersonPhone")	
contactpemail = rsTournamentinf("ContactPersonEmail")
                '    Set MyCDO1 =CreateObject("CDO.Message")
				'	MyCDO1.To = txtemailid
	             '   MyCDO1.From = "info@playerscores.com"
	              '  MyCDO1.Subject = "Tournament signup confirmation from playerscores.com "
'MyCDO1.HTMLBody = " <br><br>Thanks for registering your team<b> "& session("s_teamname")&"</b> online with 	the <b>"& session("s_tourname") &"</b><br> If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at info@playerscores.com  <br><br><br> <b>Tournament Information</b> :<br><br> Tournament Name :"& session("s_tourname") &" <br> Golf Course <br>  Location : "&location&" <br> Date:"&dayoftour&"<br><br> For more information you can contact : "&contactp&" at  "&contactphone&"<br> "&contactpemail&"<br>  <br> 	<br>Thanks<br>PlayerScores.com Staff"
 '                   MyCDO1.Configuration.Fields.Item _
   '                 ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing")=2
  '                  'Name or IP of remote SMTP server
     '               MyCDO1.Configuration.Fields.Item _
    '                ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") _
      '              =""
                    'Server port
         '           MyCDO1.Configuration.Fields.Item _
       ''             ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserverport") _
           '         =25
          '          MyCDO1.Configuration.Fields.Update
 '                   MyCDO1.Send
'on error resume next 	         
		            If blnError = False Then
		                Set rsNewListMemberc = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
		                strSQLC = "SELECT * FROM tblMailingList where Email='"&txtemailid&"'"
		                rsNewListMemberC.Open strSQLC, con3SQL
	                    If rsNewListMemberC.EOF Then
                            con3SQL.execute("Insert into tblMailingList(Email,ID_Code) values('"&txtemailid&"','"&strUserCode&"')")
					    End If
				    End If
				    Set rsNewListMember = Nothing
		dim cmd
set cmd = Server.CreateObject("AdoDB.Command")
'dim cn
'set cn = Server.CreateObject("AdoDb.Connection")
'cn.connectionString = MyconnectionString
set cmd.ActiveConnection = ConSQL
cmd.CommandText = "Select AvailableSpots From tblTournament WHERE TourID = "&TID&"  "
 if cmd.Execute().fields(0).Value > 0 then
 'There's an available spot ... claim it
 'cmd.CommandText = "Update tblTournament set MaxTeams = MaxTeams-1"
  cmd.CommandText = "Update tblTournament set AvailableSpots = AvailableSpots-1 WHERE TourID = "&TID&"  "
  end if
		' clean up
		set MyCDO=nothing
	end if

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can you try changing this

For p=1 to mcount2


For p=1 to mcount2 - 1
RickyGtzAuthor Commented:
is almost working , but now i have to fix the index variable  ' i '  so the player number is displayed correctly, meabe a do while,  or a for within a for loop

this would start on player 1
				if nct="" then
				nct= 1
				End if
				For i=1 to nct
				<table width="100%" height="100%" align="center" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" class="bodytxt1" >
                      <tr align="left">
                        <td colspan="2" class="tableheader" >Player<%=i%> Personal Information                        </td>

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can you tell me more, with sample what it has to show and what it is showing now

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RickyGtzAuthor Commented:

sure it shows on the form tabel tab the number of the player this is, since the first member regustered on pre form , i want this to start on player <2>
Now the logic is i use a counter to the whole loop as you can see on the code above with
For i=1 to nct
so , the one thing i wantis  to use  say variable k =2  on
<td colspan="2" class="tableheader" >Player<%=k%> Personal Information                        </td>
and make this also increments on each iteration,

similar on this live view,,

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cant you do like this

Player<%=i + 1%>

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RickyGtzAuthor Commented:
I am so dumb, lol, yes that works, i need to get some sleep now...  thanks
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