Clients don't show up in RWW Client computer list

I recently set up a windows SBS 2003 R2 server with 5 clients. I enabled the Remote access and VPN. On some of the client machines, I got an error when trying to use the //SERVERNAME/ConnectComputer script when connecting the client workstations (The error said I had another connection to the server, but I did not). Anyway, I set up the clients manually. However, only the server shows up in the list of Server Computers in the RWW Connect to Computer menu, and one client shows up in the Client Computers in the RWW Connect to Computer menu. I can remotely connect and control the server, but the single client that shows gives me an error when I try to connect, but it is a laptop with the top closed, and is probably hibernating. So, question is, how do I get the other clients to show up on the list?

I am using DHCP from the SBS Server and DNS, as well. The clients can join the domain and use the resources of the server, email is working, etc. The client computers are listed in the Advanced Management/Active Directory Users and Computers/domain.local/MyBusiness/Computers/SBSComputers, and I have manually set Dial-In to Allow Access (instead of the Control access throguth Remote Access Policy).

Any ideas what I am missing or what to check?


I have set this up sucessfully on several oter
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Are the clients using the server ip as the DNS server?
RichAuthor Commented:
Yes. I origianally had them hardcoded to explicitly use the Server IP ( as the DNS, but I then set them back to automatic. I checked and they do get the server address for the DNS that way too.
From what i just finished reading you still have to use the network configuration wizzard located at http://<ServerName>/ConnectComputer/
I hope this helps. Good luck.
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RichAuthor Commented:
I figured it out. Turns out that Windows 2000 Pro clients don't show up since they can not be remote accessed through RWW. The one machine that I can see runs Windows XP Pro. Oh well, I guess upgrades will be in order.

Thanks for the responses, though, andrew_aj1.
You never stated that they ran Windows 2000. I assumed that they were running xp or vista. Windows 2000 does not support remote desktop so it defiantly does not support RWW.
Please do not delete this question though, it may answer someone's question in the future.
I am glade you found the issue. Good luck.
RichAuthor Commented:
I would like to keep this question open. I verified that the computer I am trying to connect is in fact, windows XP Pro, and yet it still does not show up in the Client Computer list. I used the //SERVERNAME/ConnectComputer to re-setup the PC, too.
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RichAuthor Commented:
I ended up doing a clean reinstall of Windows XP Pro, since there were a couple of other issues that were also not able to be resolved. Used the //SERVER/ConnectComputer script, and all is well - client PC shows up in the list.

One note to anyone reading this that may help: The reason that I originally was unable to use the ConnectComputer script (it was failing), was that I had already mapped a network drive, and that connection back to the server was causing the script to fail.
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