Migrating/Collapse Child Domain into Parent

I am charged to collapse a child domain into a parent domain and have the following requirements:
child domain controller will become DC of parent domain
user/group accounts be moved into the parent AD structure
machine accounts will be able to seamlessly logon to parent domain with existing user names and no funniness on local profiles.
I have used the ADMT tool before and uhh well i was wondering if there was a more simple approach to this that someone has done already (my experience was a cross forest migration and it was somewhat ugly)

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ADMT is going to be your best option here if there are a lot of users.

Personally, I'm a fan of clean installs, so the last child fold-up I did (actually have another one coming up soon), I migrated the users by hand, reassigned their permissions, re-added them to groups, etc..

I was able to preserve all their data, including mailboxes, but it wasn't exactly seamless.  For about a week afterwards I would get calls about little things they used to be able to get to, but couldn't now.  Things they used so infrequently they forgot to tell me about them, and I forgot to reset them.  Good thing there was only 10 users left by the time it came down to folding up that domain.

Either way you go about it, it won't be easy/fun/seamless.

Best of luck,
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
anyone else?
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
my big questions I guess still are:
using ADMT to migrate the computer accounts.
path to demoting the child domain DC re-promoting to DC in the parent domain and not losing any share/file permissions on the file server data on the machine
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pacman_dAuthor Commented:
Anyone on the demotion of a DC that also is the file server for the child-domain in question?
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
so I ran a test from the destination (parent) domain side and started to do my test group first.... but the Migrate group SIDs box is greyed out. I have only done this cross forest, not with child/parent domains... anyone?
pacman_dAuthor Commented:
sorry... also wanted to mention that these greyed out boxes appear to have "checkmarks" in them. Checked the parent/child trust it is there and SID filtering is disabled.

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