Creat New SSL certificate (CSR) when one already exists

Using a previous vendor for SSL.  Changing to new.  Go to IIS to create a new CSR, and no new button.  Only renew, delete, etc.  The reason I need the new button is because I need to bump up the size.  I am going to the new extended green bar version and the key needs to be larger.   I can do this on another server without an SSL, but then they don't match when I download and match.

I am trying to using GoDaddy.  Any ideas?  I have gotten much help from them.  I have put on a temporary "turbo" certificate until I can get this other to work.
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ParanormasticConnect With a Mentor Cryptographic EngineerCommented:
The quick version: create a temporary site and make the CSR there, submit it and get your signed cert, then after installing cert to temp go to production site and do a replace and point to the one from temp.

The long version:;en-us;Q295281
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