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When uploading a config file to a router using Kiwi CatTools, how does it save it to the router?  Obviously I know that it is saving it to NVRAM, but does it save it to the running config or the startup config?  Also, does it reboot the router?
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it saves to running config , then will be save to startup config if save funtion is performed.

Depending on the router model, some needs rebooting after config is dropped.

on general router (e.g cisco), dropped config will be active straight after config is dropped,

also, always save the config to startup so router wont lose the setting when router is rebooted in the future

please provide router model for further assistant..

TomProAuthor Commented:
Cisco 880 router.

So if our need is to use Kiwi to update the running and startup config, is the standard practice to create 3 separate actions for Kiwi to run in a row?

1 - Upload config
2 - Send CLI call of: "wr mem"
3 - Send CLI call of:  "reload"

And what is the difference between "wr mem"  and  "copy run start" ?


Step 1 and 2 is all you need. to get the config work

write memory and copy run start is the same thing, depending on the router type some accept both some accept either wr mem or copy run sta
TomProAuthor Commented:
That's perfect.  Thanks for the help.
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