HP Proliant ML 370-G4 vs Dell power edge 2900 111 for exchange 2007 server

Hi There,
I'm planing to buy a new server to do the transition from exchange 2000 to exchange 2007 server.
I would like some feed back on HP proliant 370 g5 VS Dell power edge 2900 111.
In terms of service,reliability, customer service etc.. I currently have all dell server used to be happy with their customer care but of late not very happy but I would like some feed back .
I would also like to know would win 2008 64 bit or win 2003 64 bit for exch 2007 server

Please find the attached file for both hp and dell

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jsbushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have to give a nod to Dell also.  The Dell servers I have worked with lately have been very reliable at a great price point.  We have an Enterprise rep who I can call for anything for assistance quoting a high level system to ordering an additional SAS cable now and again - which can be priceless when you need a quick question answered or have an emergency that needs handled ASAP.
While I like HP's RAID options from a management standpoint II have not an issue with Dell's PERC RAID controllers thus far.  That and HP's iLO (lights out management) card being superior to Dell's DRAC offering are the only major benefits I see of HP over Dell, although I'm sure others feel differently.  Until Dell gives me a reason I will continue to recommend them.
MPCP-BrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They are similar machines, both powerful and capable of your needs / upgradeable for future expansion. My only remark would be that Dell's Customer Support tends to be more capable, quicker, and better in general.
andrew_aj1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would stick with the Dell system - they have good support and they will be your one contact for all your hardware. I actually just deployed Sever 2008 x64 and Exchange 2007 on a Dell 2950 III (basically the same as a 2900 III). I have been very happy with this system and will continue to deploy systems like this.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
SivasanAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the great comments. I was also for Dell, your feed back has greatly helped me make my decision.
Thanks a million!!!
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