trouble connecting to iCalservice (on xServe) from ical (client)

ive set up the ical-service on my xServer (running mac osX Leopard 10.5.5) and everything should be OK, but everytime i try to connect from a client (though ical) it get an error saying the either the certificate is not valid or the service is not running& ive checked the directory service (on both the client and the server) which is "saying" everything is OK

Then i tried to set up the account in ical ON the xServer& (exactly the same way) - and gues what - it works PERFECTLY& - so what can be the problem from the client to the exserver?

we have a workgroup on 8 people and want to use the ical-service
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DJDecayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The iCal server socket is not listenting to the network address only to local host, or the ca-cert in the keystore of the OS X server has not been propagated to workstations.
Are you using OpenDirectory perchance?
brianostergaardAuthor Commented:
hi - thanks for your answer :)

im using OpenDirectory :) do you know how i propagate the ca-cert to the workstations? :) or how i can get it to listen to the network address?
i know that the ical client (open directory) is listening to the xserve.local :)

It have worked before but then we had an it-supporter to setup an airport and after that it didnt work&
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