URGENT - Problems with WSUS 3 SP1 - unable to install all updates

Windows 2003 domain, 4 servers, 50 workstations.

I setup WSUS 3 SP1 almost a week ago following Technet guide, downloaded all updates from MS (took forever), I've been trying to push many missing updates to all workstations but can't seem to bring them all to 100%, 8 of them were at 100% but then again went down to 99%. I can imagine it's a long processes with so many PCs that need to install all the updates and then restart so many times, but with some PCs and those 4 Win 2003 servers I've been restarting them so many times and still they are at 99%

My main settings in WSUS are as follows

I store all updates locally (over 10GB of files)
No Proxy
Products:Office 2000, 2003, 2007, Windows 2000, Defender, Win 2003, Windows XP (32bit only) a
Classification: All (all updates, drivers, etc)
Language: English only
Sync schedule: daily
Automatic approvals: No
Computers: Use the update service console

Some PCs or Servers show Updates Needed or Updates With No Status, I keep trying to force those computer to sync with WSUS be issuing wuauclt /detectnow

For example one Win 2003 server show 4 updates with no status, when I run a report for that machine I can see it refers to updates that should have nothing to do with this server like updates for 64 bit version or updates for Itinium based servers or Vista 64 bit,

Or one PC running office 2003 has an error for: Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 (KB951550)

That doesn't make any sense, how do I fix it?

GP seems to be working well

Thank you

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This is all normal operation.

My server rarely ever shows machines at 100%.

Part of the issue is superceded updates, some are patches that appear to have nothing to do with your OS or installed apps, etc.

Run the Server Cleanup in the Options section and you'll find that you get machines pretty close.

As for the Office 2007 patch for the Office 2003 installation - it could be a patch to the Compatibility update.


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piotrmikula108Author Commented:
thanks, I was able to install the office update when I logged on as admin, even though the user has local admin rights it won't install. I have now about 40% of computers at 100% and it looks like it keeps going up after I manually install them when the user is gone, I will see if I can get them all to 100% before the next Patch Tuesday  :-)
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
yeah, you are right after watching it for 2 weeks now, it's hard to get them all to 100%, once you catch up more update come in.
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