Outlook Signature Issues - Picture not showing up.

I have an Outlook 2003 client that has a signature with a picture on it that links back to our website. For new email messages the signature works fine, but when you hit reply or forward the only the link and some code shows up.  The document has been created in word using the rtf  format. Im unsure as to what to try since the same signature works perfect when you create a new one.

Please advise.
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ok, you created it in rtf format, but when you are going to insert it in the signature, you must set it in html format.  
sorry, wrong picture
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
I changed it to HTML but it still does the same thing. I dont understand how it can work for the new email messages and not for replys/forwards since I am using the same signature.
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Here there is the solution..

you can set the same signature for replys and forwards...
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
When you hit reply/forward the picture just shows as the link with some coding.

It looks something like this.

http://www.link.com" /o "blocked http://www.link.com
Are you sure? try again.

html format and forward and reply..  All these option most be enable
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
I am unsure what language that is in but I do not know where that screen is. To get to the signature I go to Tools>options and then click the mail format tab. It looks different than the screen you posted.
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
I found whats going on. When I send a new one its in the format that I want. If I reply outlook automatically puts it in the same format they sent it in. Not sure if theres a way to override it but the guys not really worried about it anymore. If you know a way i would appreciate it.
* When replying to any email from Outlook, by default it always creates a message following the format of the original message (Plain Text, Rich Text, or HTML).
* You could change the format in which you need to reply in by clicking the 'Reply' button on the email and then click 'Format'>'HTML'
* Since you want this to be specifically done for your email Signature, you will have to manually add it which is quite simple; click on
Insert>Signature and select the relevant signature.
* Having done that, you will now be able to send out email in HTML format.
* In case if you do not see the option to choose HTML format, then you'll need to simply create a new email, copy & paste email data from the relevant email into the new email and then you are good to go.
Please note that you will need to make sure that your Outlook is configured to create every new email in HTML format by default. To do so, follow these steps:

Open Outlook>Tools>Options>Mail Format> Over there you will see something which reads "Compose in this message format:"
Select 'HTML'

Let us know if this helps or not.

Just a suggestion

Users who use plain text to begin with, or reply in plain text probably have HTML blocked at their end and quite a few organizations do not allow HTML contents to enter into their domain and if you send you HTML format email to such users then your signature would most likely appear a bit messed up when they receive them.

Try keeping it as simple & plain as possible.


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