Wyse V10L Config

OK. With help here and elsewhere, I have set up a V10L with wnos.ini that serves up a Ctrix application.  I am saving things locally, so once the initial setup is done, I can disable ftp server and everything seems to work fine.

In this enviroment, I don't really have need of administrator mode, I guess.  What I would like to do is be able to call up the Citrix connection and no longer allow access to local V10L Desktop.  And the ONLY reason this needs to happen is that, when user can minimize ICA connection and see desktop, they also see ip address of ICA session when minimized. I don't want them to see this IP.

I would also prefer it if they could not shut the V10L down, like in a Kiosk.  Or at least, only be bale to repower device from desktop, and not just shut down (Physical V10L will not be accessible to end user)

Thanks for the help
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cking22001Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok. I have tested this below and running a citrix session in full screen pretty much works for me but our users don't know any Wyse keyboard shortcuts to get to the desktop.

If I use the Ctrl-Alt-up arrow and get to the desktop, I do see that I can mouse over the task bar and see the IP Address but you think your users can get there? Like I said, I run in full scree and so there is no minimize buttons. Even I had to experiment to remember how to get to the desktop :-)...I knew I could but could not remember the keystroke.

privilege=none LockDown=yes \
HideSysInfo=yes HidePPP=yes \
HidePN=yes HideConnectionManager=yes
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
So, it appears I can;t have my cake and eat it to?

I either have to use lockdown=yes OR more configurations available for wnos.ini?

There is a HideIP-yes option avalable.  But saving local does not seem to save that. So either I use ftp of ongoing config, or I set to lockdown=yes and live with them seeing IP *IF* they can figure Ctrl-Alt-Up??

Yes, it seems your correct. HideIP is not written to NVRAM.

I think that what has been discussed it the best you can do.

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MixmangleAuthor Commented:
And id HideIP is not written in NVRAM, I suppose KeySequence Ctrl-Alt-Up= yes/no is also not written?  So without ftp communication I an stch with those consessions 1. Not being able to stop minimize/window of ICA connection 2. Seeing IP address when moseover is done on minimized connection and 3.  Not being able to hide access to power button.

Does all that seem right to you?  It's either ftp server or these limitations

BTW, I saw in 6.0 permaeters something about customer=walmart option.  But that notation is missing in earlier or later documentation (5.2 & 6.2).  Is that some sort of a kiosk mode?  I have not had time to look into it further.
I think so...that is about as good as it gets.

The 'walmart option' included some things that are now available in the general release. FastDisconnect for sure and a couple others...Walmart was a big enough customer I guess.
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
I will give the customer=walmart a try and see what I get.  I am running version 6.0.  Like I said, it is NOT in 5.2 documentation and not in 6.1, 6.2 documentation.
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