ArcServe Hangs (When I click on "Backup")

First, I want to state a few events that have occured prior to me wanting to ask this question.  I run Arcserver 11.1 on a Optiplex GS620 (using Windows Server 2003).  About two days ago, I tried to start a backup and when I clicked on "Device" from the QuickStart menu...Arcserver would just hang...and I would have to stop the application, and try again.  So I did, and again, it hanged...same result.  This time I rebooted the machine, and tried again, and same results.  I ended up finding out that once I deinstalled the D2D2T module, I could click on "Device", and see the tape with no problem.  But now, if I click on "Backup" from the QuickStart menu....Arcserve hangs again.  Can anyone please help !
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seesaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The problem is with the ARCServe database. You need to either initialise the database or replace it.

To initialise it : look at TEC426805 from
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