HP DC 5750 CDROM issue

My office uses the HP Compaq dc5750 Small Form Factor PC and we are running into a problem where the CDROM drive intermittently stops working and we will need to use a paper clip to open.

We've tried the following things with no success.

I.  Uninstalled and reinstalled CDROM drive in the device manager.
2.  Update the BIOS to 786E3

These have worked to temporarily solve the problem, but it always reoccurs.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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CD Rom is failing.  Replace it.  Spend the $12.
>> we will need to use a paper clip to open.

So it looks like the CD Rom get stuck while trying to open it. If you still can open / read / run the CD after using the paper clip push into the small whole to open the CD Rom, then what can i say is partially of the CD Rom is damage (cover / rollers use to pull out the CD Rom) but not 100% damage as it is still functioning to read / run the CD ...... If you still feel not good to be use, then replace another CD Rom will be the last way to go ..... Good Luck !!
It might be the OS or your burning software locking the drive
Does it eject if you right-click the drive in My Computer or the burning software?
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SokolakaAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry for not responding sooner.  None of the answers solved my problem.  It's not a matter of swapping CDROM drives (I'm in an office and we have lots of available drives, but it's just a quick fix until it happens again and it's not the CDROM drive malfunctioning.)  The paper clip option I'm aware of, and it's only useful to remove CDs.

I do not receive a response from the drive if I right click it and try to eject under MY Computer.  I believe it has something to do with the Firmware of the DC5750, CD ROM Drive and Windows XP (or our image).  If I removed the drive from the device manager and reinstall it, it will work for for a little while until it happens again.  I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this same issue with DC5750.  Not all of the users in  our office has this problem, but it does occur sporadically, approximately 5% of our user base has an issues with their drive.  

I've updated the BIOS on the board with no success and don't where this problem stems from.  As for now we're just doing quick fixes.  I hope that shines more light on our problem.

Thanks for everyone's input.
WinXP frequently has a problem with the existence of "upper and lower filters" which renders the drive inoperable: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;314060  Getting rid of it in the registry is the fix.

Open regedit and find the following key:  
Right click in the upper and lower filter entries in these keys and press delete.
Reboot and check if it is OK now.  

Or download this and run it:

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>> approximately 5% of our user base has an issues with their drive.  

If there is about 5% of the user, looks like the image have some issue with that ..... try run the image from the known good condition / without this issue then deploy to those machines having the problem and see whether it solve the problems out .... it not, looks like the hardware issue .....
Thank you much.    : )
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