complete restore of a server using backup exec 11d

I have several servers that are backed up with backup exec 11d with remote agents installed on each machine. I do a full backup on all the servers every night.

I would like to know what the easiest procedure would be to reinstall completely from a tape backup, onto another server in the event a server is damaged.

Do i need special products? I assume I would need to make sure that the hard drives were partitioned and formatted prior to doing this but I guess my real answer would be how would I get a machine to recognize the tape drive and initialize the restore.

would I need to tkae any special steps if it's a DC or an exchange server?
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Hedley PhillipsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
"so I assume I would need to at least reinstall windows and my BUexec remote agents in order to get up and running? "


The last time I had to do this I installed the OS and the tape driver then restored from there.

I imagine you could create a Bart PE Boot CD with BUE drivers on it but I haven't had time to investigate that properly yet.
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
To answer your first question, partition the drives so that they match the backed up server (i.e. if you are restoring C:\ and D:\ then they both need enough space to fit the backups) then install the OS, the tape device and drivers and then restore.

This will leave you with the server as it was.

If you are backing up the System State, which you should if you want to restore a complete server, then that will backup Active Directory for you. Exchange is different in that you will need to backup the Information Store.

This is all possible using Backup exec.

 I will see if I can dig out some docs for you.

jbla9028Author Commented:
so I assume I would need to at least reinstall windows and my BUexec remote agents in order to get up and running?

I figured I'd be able to have something that would be able to recover the whole system via tape I.E. a bootable CD ROM.
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Backing Up and Restoring the System State

Backing Up System State Data

Backing up Exchange Server 2003

Disaster Recovery Procedure for Exchange 2000 or 2003

Backup Exec 11d Best Practices Guide: Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

jbla9028Author Commented:
Thanks! I'll have to research these.
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