Javascript populated ASP.NET ListBox has no "SelectedValue" on postback

Have two ASP.NET listboxes on my page.  One is populated via an SQLDataSource.  The other is populated via a javascript array.  When the user selects an item in the first box I have an event handler populate the second listbox with dependent data.

See my attached javascript function for the function that populates the second listbox...

The population happens as designed.  I am able to select a value in the first listbox and have the second is populated appropriately.  But the problem is in the postback.   I select a value in the second listbox and click OK...the postback happens and I make it to my event handler in the codebehind.  I can capture values for any other control on the page but when I try to access the second listbox the "SelectedValue" is an empty string.  Does this have to do with the fact that the second lstbox is populated in the browser and not from the codebehind or page load?

function LoadRightsListbox () 
   var lbxRights = $get(contentPlaceHolder + "lbxRights");
    var lbxRightCategories = $get(contentPlaceHolder + "lbxRightCategories");  
    var selectedRightCategoryID = lbxRightCategories.options[lbxRightCategories.selectedIndex].value;
    //clear list box 
    //populate the list box 
    var lbxIndex = 0; 
    for(var listIndex in rightsList) //alternative indexes (lbxIndex, listIndex) because the data IDs are not sequential
        if (rightsList[listIndex].getCategoryID() == selectedRightCategoryID)
            lbxRights.length = rightsList.length + 1;
            lbxRights.options[lbxIndex].text = rightsList[listIndex].getName();
            lbxRights.options[lbxIndex].value = rightsList[listIndex].getID();

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Daniel ReynoldsSoftware Applications Developer / IntegratorCommented:
Does this have to do with the fact that the second lstbox is populated in the browser and not from the codebehind or page load?
I have done this using a hidden field that I add the items to in javascript and then I check the hidden field in the code-behind for values and add them to the drop down or list box.

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BruceAuthor Commented:
Thanks xDJR1875!

I did just what you suggested and it works.  

Thanks for the quick response.
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