can't receive external emails - mx records or blocked port?

OK, I'm having issues sending email from remote clients to my newly installed SBS 2003.

Here is my scenario:
Exchange (single nic) is behind a firewall that has port 25,80,110,443,993, and a couple others pointed to the exchange server.

From outside the office: OWA is working, Web pages are working, email coming in is not working.
From inside the office: I can send email to the outside world without a problem.

I am using godaddy as a host.
I have added an A record to point to myservers ip address:
Host : myserver
Points to: ip address of my qwest router

I have removed the godaddy MX records and made this change:
Priority: 10 (have tried 0 as well)
Host: @
Goes to:

I have not changed any of the godaddy standard CNAME entries which include:

At I have 2 failures:
Fail: Reverse DNS entries for MX records
Fail: Connect to mail servers (however this fails with the standard godaddy info too)

do MX records take a long time to take effect? i have been testing it right after godaddy says it is ready, and for a couple hours after that.
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waynewilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to and enter your domain to test connection to port 25.
Op35Author Commented:
so it finds the MX and uses it.

on the smtp test it says this:
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

So this is saying to me that qwest needs to open port 25 to my IP address, or that I need to figure a different way of doing things?

When mail is sent to my server it is on port 25 from all other servers. Is it possible to have it sent on port 3535 or something? or am i going down the wrong path
Op35Author Commented:
Email leaving my server is fine.

Email going to my server is not fine (is this on port 25?). Qwest says they are not blocking port 25.
Op35Author Commented:
asked qwest to setup reverse dns and asked them if they were blocking port 25.

they said they would setup the reverse dns.

after the call this is working as it should be ... could be they unblocked 25 to my ip address at the same time.
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