Access form open with last viewed record?

How can I preserve the last viewed record, so upon reopening it by default it navigates to the same record.  That is last Viewed not Last in the recordset
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Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
tSetting   '<-- make this table
LastRecorID (number/long)   '<-- for now it has only one field

If later you want to keep some other user settings then you can add more fields to it.

In the on current event of your form, have:

CurrentDB.Execute "Update tSetting Set LastRecorID =" & Me!txtCustID

Assuming your PK field is called CustID bound to txtCustID text box.

Note that, tSetting will have only one record (manualy enter a number in it for now).  In the on open event of your form have

Dim lngID as Long
lngID = Dolookup("LastRecorID","tSetting")
Msgbox lngID

- Open your form. the number you just entered manulay should com up in the message box. Does it?
- Move to another record (remembering itst CustID value) and close the form.
- Re-open the form. Does the new CustID come up in the message box?



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Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
Is you form continous or single form?

Change your code to:

Dim lngID as Long
lngID = Dolookup("LastRecorID","tSetting")
DoCmd.FindRecord lngID
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