How to disable by GPO the Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 7 (Vista & Windows 2008)

I installed a Windows 2008 as a Terminal server member of a windows 2003 domain !

I just want to disable the protected mode in Internet explorer for all of my users because it is giving me all kind of problems !

If there's no policy available, a registry key will be a correct answer for me too !

Thanks !

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Darius GhassemCommented:
audd2898Author Commented:
It is probably working in a Windows 2008 domain, but in a 2003 domain, it does,nt seem to work..

Teh only way I can see that policy setting is to open my policy from my 2008 server. (not from my XP or windows 2003 server)

So if I do a policy results from my 2008 server, everything seems to be working..I see the settings applied by my domain policy.(from my 2003 srver, I don't see anything..)

And I confirm that the setting is not applied to my users.

I've got a message in my results parameters saying that (ADMX files) retreive from the local computers.
That server is the only one who's having those 2008 policy settings...

So for now, I think the question is : "Is it possible to use Windows 2008 policy settings" in a 2003 domain ?"

If i'm wrong somwhere, let me know ?

Thanks !
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audd2898Author Commented:
To respond to the first Expert link :""
I don't think that setting "Turn off the Security Settings Check feature" is disabling the "Protected Mode", It is only a feature that disable the warnig saying that you're not in "Protected Mode"
You have to disable manually and you won't be asked again to reenable it.:

What I want is a policy setting disabling the "Protected Mode"

To respond to the second comment, like I said : " Iinstalled a Windows 2008 as a Terminal server member of a windows 2003 domain"
So the DC(s) are in Windows 2003.

Thanks guys and let me know if you find something !

Darius GhassemCommented:
If you look at the links I provided above this will show you how to use 2008 GPOs in a 2003 domain.
audd2898Author Commented:
I tried the group policy preference and it is true that is working when administer from a Windows 2008 Member server of a Windows 2003 domain.

So if we come back at the first two questions :  

1- "What is the policy setting to disable the protected mode in Internet Explorer 7 ?"

2- If there's no policy available, what is the registry key to disable it to all users to add in my login script ?

Like I said before,  that link : "" is removing the warning that is saying that the protected mode is disable..

Waiting for answers...thanks !
audd2898Author Commented:
We took a bit of a detour, but that is exactly what I was looking for...Thanks a lot !!
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