How to connect to a virtualbox machine remotly?

I just download virtualbox and create my first virtual machine which I connect it to the domain in the company.
I am running windows 2003 server and I want to connect to this virtualmachine from another PC that is inside the domain so I can make several virtual machines and begin a virtual machine farm.

How can I do this with virtualbox?
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How do you mean..?
If you want to connect the the virtual machine to control the machine...
Then all you need to do is install some kind of remote control software..
Like UltraVNC

and then make sure that virtual machine has an IP, then you should be able to get to it just like any other machine..
KupuAnd1Author Commented:
Ok the thing is this.
I have virtualbox installed in two PCs.
I have one virtual machine in one PC.
Now I want to get acces to the VM in one machine from Virtual Box in the PC that do not have the VM.

Like VMware.
Why do you need to use the Virtualbox software.. I am not sure that is possible..
VNC should work fine for what you want to do..
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